CTV Northern Ontario Coverage of Green T

Green T had the awesome opportunity of being featured on last nights broadcast of CTV News Northern Ontario. It was an amazing experience for Zackary Jordan, Andrea Renelli, and Jacob King to be featured on such a broad stage. This goes to show how far the word has traveled about Green T and is only a glimpse at how well this product is going to develop overtime. Green T would also like to do a huge shoutout to Marco Scola and Caleb Piche-Larocque. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Green T was only able to have 3 of the 5 representatives participate in the interviews for the segment. These two generously stepped down to allow the other 3 to promote the product and seize the opportunity. Don't be fooled however, without these 2, Green T would not be where it is today and where it will be in the near future.

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