Green-T brings odour neutralization and handmade, 100% natural ingredients to waste management solutions

Right here in Sudbury, Ontario

Our Green Team

Our Mission

Our mission at Green T is to actively assist in alternative waste management solutions, while eliminating the smells you hate dealing with. By working to solve some of the biggest issues in the compost and waste management world, we aim  to improve the practice of composting as well as opening up the doors to a whole new generation of composters

Our Product

Green T is a product unlike anything you've ever seen! Green T eliminates smells coming from your compost and trash with an easy to use and environmentally friendly design. Green T is fully compostable, so that means it can be disposed of with the rest of your waste! Our unique design allows for customers to live with odor free trash, compost and any other household waste product.

The Founding Fathers

Drey Renelli


Chief Executive Officer


Jacob King


Chief Financial Officer


Caleb Piché-LaRocque


Chief Logistics Officer


The Marketing Team

Rogan Burrows

Creative Director


Kyle Ralph


Chief Marketing Officer