Clean, Green and Everything In BeTween

Right Here in Sudbury, Ontario


Clean refers to our mission to assist in alternative waste management. By actively working to solve some of the biggest issues in the composting world, we are improving the practice of composting and well as opening up the doors to a whole new wave of composters!


Green T is made out of environmentally friendly materials and is fully compostable. It not only can go in your green bin for city pickup, but also in your backyard compost system! Research indicates that Green T can help plant growth and the rate of the composting process!

Everything in BeTween

Green T may only be designed for household countertop composters, but the possibilities are endless! Doubling up Green Ts for your outside green bin or using Green T in your regular garbage can are just a few of the creative ways people are using Green T!

Our Mission

Our mission at Green T is to help introduce and promote sustainable behavior through composting to the masses by making it more appealing with a simple, inexpensive solution.